Thursday, 19 July 2012

Glimmer, published early 2010

Unless you meet me personally, there's not much chance that you're going to see any of the stuff that I've written that has been published. Actually, even if you did meet me, I have very few physical copies of the comics I've worked on left. For this reason, I thought I'd go over the stuff I've written and post the whole thing up here. Might as well show somebody.

Glimmer began as a character in a pitch for a much larger story. I had zero experience behind the scenes in the world of comics, and for some reason, I thought my 16 issue superhero idea would be my best bet to get my foot in the door. After years of starts and stops, I finally decided I was going to try and pursue writing comics. I asked a friend attending art school if she knew anyone who liked doing comic work, that's how I met Scott Kowalchuk. His style blew my mind and I knew I wanted my ideas to look like his pages.

At this point I had enrolled in the first on-line version of the Comics Experience writing class with Andy Schmidt. The plan was to come up with a five page story that we would work on throughout the course, refining and updating as we went. Being knee deep in my superhero idea (that turns out, may have been too long for a first project) I tried to find a character with an interesting back story to dig up. I ended up finding Olivia.

Her back story was already written, my notes for the other idea had origins for all the characters, but Olivia was one that wasn't going to really get explored, she was a perfect candidate for this. I was happy with the story, it set up her character and showed off some of her powers, basically setting up nicely for an actual series to follow it. I suppose there's value in telling a one-shot story, but I went with more of an introduction to something bigger.

Around this point, Scott was beginning work on The Intrepids, but through sheer charm and possibly pity, I was able to get him to draw the finished story. I've always wished I could draw with some kind of competence, but I was never as jealous of someone's talent as I was when I saw Scott's pages coming in, bringing my story to life. To see a world I'd thought up in my mind, now in front of my eyes for the first time, crazy.
The other 12 people in the class also found artists and got their five page stories produced. We put them all together in a book and called it Tales From The Comics Experience. If you don't own a copy of the book right now, you may very well never own one (I do have a few left). Here's my story. Thanks Scott.


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