Thursday, 27 September 2012

Daddy, published early 2012

Some facts about my latest story 1). it's called 'Daddy' and was printed in the horror anthology Don't Be Afraid 2). The art was done by the talented Cecilia Latella, with a crazy deadline 3). My wife hates it.

After 'Glimmer' and the Tales From The Comics Experience came out, we went to work on the next anthology. I had a story ready to go and I set out to find an artist, after the third artist fell through, it looked like the production deadline was going to be out of reach for me. This was also at the time when my wife and I were expecting our first child, money was starting to be directed to places it had never needed to go before, suddenly making comics had to take a back seat. All of this led me to pull away from writing and focus on other things (keeping a baby alive), comics in general faded away a bit.

When the time finally came where I was confident in what I was doing as a parent and ready to start writing again I had already missed four other anthologies that Elevator Pitch Press had done, including their most successful series Great Zombies In History.  I contacted the group and found out the next book was going to be a book based around fear, fortunately for me, I was a new dad, I drove from the hospital 10 under the speed limit never taking my hands off the wheel, fear was one of my main emotions.

The story of the possibly possessed baby came as I was rocking my daughter to sleep. If you're not careful you can lose a few hours of your day just watching your kid sleep, I'm pretty sure I have, but this time was different. This was one of those times where you let your imagination run away on you, and you creep yourself out, like being home alone and putting the idea that someone is watching you outside, in to your own head. I sat and stared at her beautiful face and for no reason, imagined her opening her eyes and speaking with an adult voice to me. It creeped me out. I had a story.

My wife read the script and was also creeped out, not so much because the writing was so good, more because we had just had a baby and the story was about a father who hears his baby tell him to kill it. I assured her I was not following a popular piece of writing advice and  "writing what you know", she seemed reasonably convinced.

I approached DeviantART looking for an artist armed only with a killer deadline and a laughable page rate. To my surprise, a lot of people were interested, I looked through a number of galleries looking for the right look until I found Cecilia's page, her classic style was perfect.

Within only a few weeks I had a finished comic in my inbox. Once again I was officially a comic book writer.

Special thanks to my daughter Anna.


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