Monday, 10 June 2013

The Flood

After years of struggling to get various projects off the ground, it turns out nothing gets a project moving faster than a full moon.

The progress with the anthology continues to be slow, painfully slow. The cover is done now though, a fantastic piece by the amazing Riley Rossmo.
As that continues to build, the next project also pokes it's head out. A web comic with artist Nick Johnson, that we've had on a slow boil for a while, waiting for his schedule to clear itself up. Slow boil until a week ago when Nick emailed me telling me that June 23 was going to be what is known as the Supermoon, the closest the moon will be to earth this year. AKA the perfect time to launch a were-wolf comic. Not to mention that it is exactly 13 weeks away from the local Comic and Toy Expo, giving us just enough time to collect all 13 episodes of our first season in print for the show. A plan that couldn't be better if we actually planned it.

And so, from slow boil to full speed in a week, the flood gates have opened and the most exciting project I've worked on gets ready to say hi to the world.

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